CLG is the premier licensor of hydrocracking technology that is also experienced as a refiner and world-class engineering company. Chevron operates hydrocrackers with more barrels of capacity than any other refiner in North America. This operational expertise is available to you through individualized service and a worldwide customer support network that is second to none.

Here for the long run

The combined experience of Chevron and CB&I ensures that you have the best in technical know-how available to you. CLG has the technical know-how and project experience to deliver plants that meet your short-term budget goals and long-term quality needs. The result is a worldwide network of hydrocrackers using ISOCRACKING technology with high operating factors, unparalleled safety records and a history of reliable performance.

When you choose CLG as your technology licensor, you are gaining more than a license. You are gaining a resource and access to new hydrocracking technology to improve your unit's performance.

Contact CLG for information on how ISOCRACKING technology can improve your processing economics.



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