The power of ISOCRACKING technology gives refiners the flexibility to improve yield without sacrificing quality. With ISOCRACKING, it is easier for refiners to produce the highest-quality products, ranging from LPG to heavy lubes, meeting current and future specifications.

Tailored catalyst systems

ISOCRACKING® catalysts enable refiners to achieve higher yields and a wider range of products under a variety of process conditions and plant configurations. ISOCRACKING® catalysts offer high temperature stability and proven performance with high end-point and high nitrogen feeds. The selectivity of these catalysts allows our agreement with Advanced Refining Technologies (ART) to tailor systems specifically designed to fit your product objectives.

ART offers a complete spectrum of base-metal amorphous and zeolitic catalysts and noble-metal zeolitic catalysts, so is able to help you meet all of your processing objectives.

Maximum conversion of Middle East VGO feed
The selectivity of ISOCRACKING® catalysts allows you to tailor a system specifically to fit your product objectives.



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