At CLG, innovation in hydrocracking is a tradition that began with Chevron's invention of modern hydrocracking more than 50 years ago. Since then, CLG has continued Chevron's investment of hundreds of millions of dollars in the development of new and unique hydrocracking processes and technologies. As a result of our successful innovations, we are the leading developer and supplier of advanced hydrocracking technologies. CLG ISOCRACKING is now being selected by more refiners than any other hydrocracking technology.

ISOCRACKING delivers quality
Heavy Naphtha high ring content >60 LV %
Diesel low pour point -30°F (-35°C)
high cetane 50-62
Jet/Kerosene low freeze point -60°F (-51°C)
high smoke point 25 mm+
Waxy Base Oil high VI >110
Ethylene Cracker Feed low BMCI 6-15
FCC Feed low sulfur 5-300
low nitrogen 1-50
CLG ISOCRACKING produces a highly isomerized slate of superior-quality products

CLG has designed over 100 hydroprocessing plants to date, with a combined daily operating capacity of more than two million barrels. Because CLG is experienced as a licensor, a refiner and a world-class engineering company, we offer expertise in hydrocracking that few companies can match. We make this expertise available to our customers through active research and development programs, pilot plant studies and a full range of engineering and technical support services.

ISOCRACKING differs from other hydrocracking processes in that it combines:

  • operations-oriented designs
  • amorphous, amorphous/zeolite and zeolite catalyst technology
  • optimized reactor systems
  • advanced internals technology
  • low fuel consumption



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