We speak your language – CLG is the only licensor of hydroprocessing technologies that is experienced as both a refiner and a world-class engineering company. Let our engineers show you how our advanced, innovative reactor internals designs can help extend catalyst life and improve product yields.

Reactor Internals Technology Developments Introduced Through The Years

2011 – ISOMIX®-e Enhanced cutting-edge technology. Our newest class of reactor internals technology to significantly enhance both liquid/liquid and gas/liquid mixing.
2003 – ISOMIX® Reactor internals integrated advanced mixing and redistribution technology that produces very low radial spreads, high catalysts utilization and improved unit operating safety.
1994 – Nautilus Innovative reactor internals that enhance liquid/liquid and gas/liquid mixing to provide excellent radial temperature distribution in the reactor with low pressure drop.
  Nautilus internals
Nautilus internals have ensured excellent temperature
distribution in this 15’ diameter ISOCRACKING installation
that was commissioned in the year 2001.

CLG’s licensed unit, a split-feed hydrocracker located near the beautiful coastal city of Rijeka, Croatia. The unit employs CLG’s ISOCRACKING technology and ISOMIX® reactor internals. It is owned and operated by INA-Industrija nafte d.d., Croatia’s only integrated oil company, and was completed in 2011.

INA-Industrija nafte d.d.
Photo courtesy of INA-Industrija nafte d.d.




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