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tech advantages

slurrying hydro-cracker
  1. Reduces Hg in crudes and condensates
  2. Proven commercially
  3. Robust process design
  4. Reliable operation
  5. Modest investment and operating costs
  6. Hg removed can be easily transferred to environmentally acceptable disposal

MERCAWAY process commercial case

MERCAWAY℠ process technology was commercialized with the 2006 startup of a Chevron-licensed unit for a client in Argentina. This MERCAWAY process unit has operated reliably with minimal downtime. The MERCAWAY unit disposes the filter cake by slurrying with produced water and injecting back underground in a closed system, reducing the risk of exposure to their operations and maintenance personnel.

The unit's design basis and operation information are as noted below (data sourced from a presentation to LACPEC, Lima, 3-1-2010 by Carlos Salvá & Darrell Gallup).

FEED: Black oil condensate (paraffinic with some asphaltenes)
Gravity 50 API
Viscosity 1.9 cSt
Water < 0.1%
TSS (ppm) 100-200
Avg Hg (ppbw) 3300
Capacity (BPOD) 6500
Residence time (min.) 15-30
Total avg Hg removal > 98%
Oil losses 0.2 - 0.3%
Hg removed/mo. (kg) 50
Filter turnaround time (min.) 20
experience over a 30-day period

The MERCAWAY unit has operated robustly, reliably and successfully since 2006 while consistently reducing total Hg levels to less than 50 ppbw. Our MERCAWAY process operates at modest temperature and pressure while using relatively uncomplicated, well-understood processing steps. There is no requirement for special metallurgy. Oil losses are quite low with less than 0.5 percent oil loss due to the filtration system employed. Chevron has the expertise to support your efforts to reduce crude Hg to acceptable levels by employing our MERCAWAY process technology. We look forward to hearing from you and, upon request, we will be pleased to prepare MERCAWAY commercial and technical proposals for your evaluation of our licensing terms and technical services that we can offer.

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