TEMA New Business Development (NBD) commercializes Chevron Downstream technologies that are outside of the existing CLG and ART businesses. Technologies that are commercially available now include:

  • GTL / CTL – hydroprocessing work-up unit and base oil production following Fischer-Tropsch units in Gas-to-Liquids or Coal-to-Liquids process
  • MERCAWAYSM – commercially proven mercury removal process for crudes or condensates
  • New Materials / Catalysts – license of proprietary materials and catalysts such as Chabozite
  • ZeolitePlusTM – advanced catalyst manufacturing technology that lowers capital cost while improving yield and quality

Technologies that are currently under development include:

  • VRSHTM – Vacuum Resid Slurry Hydrocracking, a full conversion process using proprietary VRSH catalyst and metals recovery from spent catalyst
  • ISOSLURRYTM – co-catalyst developed from VRSH technology to extend the conversion range of resid hydrocracking units such as LC-FINING units

In addition to the above commercialization activities, NBD has an active IP monetization program to continually evaluate Chevron's extensive portfolio of Intellectual Property to identify patents and know-how that can be made available for license to third parties.

If you have questions about any of the above technologies, please send your requests to: techma@chevon.com