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CLG LC-SLURRY Technology (PDF, 203 KB)

June 2016 - CLG LC-SLURRY Technology Selected by Beowulf Energy Sweden and Preem for World's Most Advanced Residue Conversion Complex

Richmond, CA, June 2016 – Preem and Beowulf Energy Sweden LLC (US) who recently signed a cooperation framework agreement, will examine the possibilities of a new residue hydrocracking plant, licensed by Chevron Lummus Global LLC (CLG), to better meet the demand for transportation fuels at Preem's Lysekil refinery.

CLG's innovative LC-SLURRY technology upgrades as much of the heavy oil as possible to sulfur-free gasoline, diesel while also meeting the new rules for sulfur content in bunker fuel. With LC­SLURRY technology, Preem will produce 100% ultra-low sulfur products from their vacuum residue.

CLG, a joint venture between Chevron and CB&I and the leading provider of hydroprocessing technologies and catalysts expanded its technology portfolio in 2015 to include Chevron's slurry residue hydrocracking technology and CB&I's coking and SDA business. This gave CLG the most extensive heavy oil upgrading portfolio available and with the application of LC-SLURRY technology at Preem, the most advanced residue conversion complex.

CLG will partner with Beowulf Energy and Preem and provide its technology, design and permitting support through CB&I for this project in Sweden. CLG and Preem previously worked together on a hydrocracker that successfully started operations 10 years ago.


CLG is experienced as a licensor,
a refiner, and a world-class
engineering company.

Chevron, a leader and innovator in hydroprocessing technology, and CB&I, a leading international engineering company, have combined resources to form Chevron Lummus Global LLC (CLG). As the most completely integrated source for hydroprocessing technologies and services, CLG can provide incremental efficiencies at every step in your project.

We bring to your project planning skills honed from the completion of thousands of projects in 70+ countries balanced by the practical know-how that comes from hands-on, day-to-day operating experience in refineries. It is a range of experience that is unmatched in the industry, and it is available to you as a package or a set of individual services.


CLG offers complete engineering services including everything from conceptual studies to full engineering design packages. CLG has a line of hydroprocessing technologies covering a full boiling range spectrum, and catalyst systems proven to exceed processing objectives for:

Hydroprocessing plant
  • distillate hydrotreating
  • gas oil hydrotreating
  • hydrocracking
  • lube dewaxing
  • lube hydrofinishing
  • residuum upgrading

Given our wide range of experience and extensive pilot plant data, we tailor a solution that will optimize product quality, product yield, cycle run length, capital investment and operating costs.

As an operator...

  • Chevron is one of the largest refiners in the United States.
  • Chevron processes over 850,000 barrels per operating day (BPD) by high-pressure hydrocracking and hydrotreating.
  • Chevron has over 1,000 unit-years of commercial experience.
  • Chevron continually implements advances in technology to reduce operating costs while meeting tightening environmental regulations.

As an engineering company...

  • CB&I has completed more than 6,300 projects in over 70 countries.
  • CB&I has developed and commercialized more than 50 process technologies used in over 500 refinery projects.
  • CB&I's worldwide network of engineers, scientists and technicians is more than 6,000 strong.

As a licensor of technology...

  • CLG has designed over 100 hydroprocessing plants worldwide.
  • CLG-designed plants cost less to operate and maintain.
  • CLG has developed catalyst systems that give refiners maximum flexibility to respond to changes in market conditions.
  • CLG's Research and Development staff is continuously seeking advancements in catalyst and technology that will improve operating economics.


More than ever before, from one resource.

CLG provides unique, tailored solutions customized to meet your individual needs. By working with CLG, you'll gain access to new hydroprocessing technologies, catalysts and processes that will improve the success of your refinery. We make this knowledge available to you through individualized service and a worldwide technical support network that is second to none. At CLG we are committed to helping refiners earn a rapid return on their investment as well as providing you with a flexible path for meeting more stringent future requirements.

The CLG team of Research, Development, and Process Engineers, most with hands-on operating experience, is ready to assist in any of the following areas:

  • process and design packages
  • new product development and improvement
  • pilot plant studies
  • equipment evaluation
  • design follow-up
  • plant modification / optimization
  • operator training
  • startup assistance
  • debottleneck assistance
  • on-site technical support
  • procedures development
  • users' seminars
  • refinery visits
  • technology updates
  • technology symposia
  • catalyst regeneration and disposal consultation

CLG's technologies are recognized and are being used by refiners worldwide to improve their refining profitability.

Contact CLG for information on how its expertise can benefit you.