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Technology Marketing (TEMA) is the hydroprocessing and refinery technology commercialization center of excellence for Chevron Corporation. TEMA has about 120 employees in areas of hydroprocessing research and development, process and mechanical design, catalyst manufacture, project execution, technical service, technology sales and marketing, and joint venture operations.


Chevron pioneered the modern technique of high-pressure hydrocracking – using hydrogen and catalysts to make more high-value products from heavy, residual fuels left over after conventional refining skims off the lightest elements of the crude. During the last five decades, Chevron's Technology Marketing group has invested millions of dollars annually developing technologies and catalysts that enable refiners to easily and economically respond to changing requirements in the market. Today we are the leading developer of hydroprocessing technologies around the world – technologies that are available through Chevron Lummus Global LLC (CLG) and Advanced Refining Technologies LP (ART). Chevron licenses its proprietary technologies in more than 40 percent of the world's refineries in dozens of countries, including China, Russia, India and the United States. Technology Marketing is a part of Chevron's Downstream & Chemicals Business Unit which, in addition to TEMA, comprises 18 wholly-owned or affiliated refineries in 13 countries.

expanding the boundaries of technology

As the refining industry continues pushing to meet the challenges of producing more and higher quality transportation fuels and lubes from increasingly difficult feeds, Chevron Technology Marketing continues showing them how. A strong hydroprocessing heritage sets the stage for competitive advantage in new generations of clean-fuel technologies. TEMA is developing technologies for producing clean products from alternative materials – ranging from Canadian tar sands bitumen; shale oil; and heavy, high acid crudes to clean burning natural gas. To optimize hydrocarbon technology, Technology Marketing actively seeks new research and development collaborations that will strengthen proprietary capabilities and advance its global technology base.

sharing our expertise

Committed to technology development, Chevron has formed joint ventures with industry leaders Lummus Technology and W. R. Grace & Co. for marketing its technology and catalysts. Please visit the websites for our joint ventures.

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ART catalysts

ART is a leading supplier
of hydroprocessing

CLG technology

The leading licensor of hydroprocessing
and other associated bottom-of-the-barrel
upgrading technologies

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